Friday, August 17, 2012


We went to Cracker Barrel today to get our rocking chairs!!!!! And eat of course! My Dad offered so kindly and generously to gift us our Christmas presents early this year. We got a USMC rocking chair and a UT rocking chair. I realized that my Dad just gave me a UT chair for Christmas.......huh????........I'm a GA fan. So really Sean got 2 Christmas gifts from my Dad. Nooooo, only kidding (sorta). Sean is grinning.

Now, the house is completed, mostly. 

Can u see the rockers?

How bout now?

Certainly not here, but you can see the USMC flag and US flag we got. :)

There they are!!!!!!!  And a hanging plant.

And another hanging plant on the other side of the porch, BUT this side needs something.  I'm thinking 2 more rockers.  And sweet tea.  And Mayfield ice cream.  And Starbucks. 

This is a horse.  You can see farm animals (i.e. horses, cows, and donkeys- well hear the donkeys, not see the donkeys) on the farm behind our neighborhood. 


~ Noelle said...

LOVE the house...
give me your address and I will come turn that Tenn into UGA while you are out and about one day! ha ha ha

other side, 2 UGA rockers :)

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks! We are enjoying it!

I know, it is going to be super hard to root for UT, but it will be the first team that Sean and I can root for together. I have to somehow force myself to get into the UT spirit. Everything around here is UT so it can't be that hard right??!! ;p