Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm so emo!

Besides being totally emotional and moody and crying over everything and anything and just being horrible to be around, we had a good weekend! Wow, my hormones are all crazy! My poor, poor husband!

Any way, so Friday was Capogna's with the family night of course. Saturday we slept in until 7. That's good for us. Did the usual things around the house. We went to the lab to have my blood drawn (4 tubes!), per midwife's orders to test for a whole bunch of stuff. We are pet sitting so we went by the pups house 3 times. We volunteered at the Humane Society. Then we drove down to Oldsmar to eat and to see the movie Fireproof. That was the movie we were supposed to see last week with church, but missed out cuz Sean had to work late. Well, our tickets that we had already purchased were still good. And let me just tell you how awesome of a movie it was! It was life changing for me and I recommend it to everyone. Yesterday, again did stuff around the house and took care of our pet sitting stuff 3 times. We went to church. The message was really good yesterday and the theme is Fireproofing our marriage (obviously goes along with the movie). We went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Bears and eat lunch, did a little grocery shopping and came home and watched the Bucs lose ;(.

So, I need to work really hard on my emotional (in) stability! I am also feeling pretty nauseous today and tired. Good thing I don't go in until 10, I think that gives me time for a nap! Happy Monday!

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