Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, Monday

Welp, it's that day again......Monday! Definitely not my favorite day of the week, but there is an upside. I don't go into work until 10 on Mondays. And after today we are that much closer to the weekend!

Yesterday was a pretty good day. We took care of 8 babies in the church nursery. Then off to Beef o Brady's for food and football. Bucs won! Bears did not. We went to Sam's Club after that. We got our pumpkin to carve and some groceries and my eyeglasses fixed. We also bought Halloween candy even though we will not be at home to handout candy b/c we will be flying to AZ on Oct 31st. SO I guess you could say the chocolate was for us! We ran into my uncle and aunt at Sam's too. We came home and ate ice cream cones for dinner. Healthy I know. I had gorged myself at lunch, determined to eat my whole chicken taco salad and munch on some of Sean's curly Q fries, so suffice it to say I really didn't get hungry again, well except for a cone.

I am officially 9 weeks and 1 day now. I have not gained any weight yet, well except for the initial 5 pounds before I was even preggers! So, I guess now starts the weight gain. No fun that it is supposed to be healthy stuff and not oh I dunno Taco Bell, fries and ice cream.


Becca said...

woohoo! you've hit the point of realization that healthy eating cannot be an everyday affair! LOL I think i lasted about as long as you before realizing that whatever i was craving, i needed to eat because that was all that stayed down! LOL

Hettie Brewner said...

No, that is not quite my thinking. My thinking is what it has always been. It is always best to eat healthy, especially at this time for baby, but I will sneak in some cravings, not as healthy things, because it never just works to only eat healthy and not indulge. That only leads to binging on crap. So, I eat healthy 90% of the time, and then I enjoy the other stuff 10% of the time. If I only ate what I was craving, that would not be good for me, baby or my body for sure! I don't really ever crave healthy stuff.