Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Gifts

I am feeling very loved today. I have such a wonderful husband. He had yesterday off. He spent the day organizing the garage and doing touch ups around the house from where we banged things against the walls when moving our furniture in and he hooked up cable to our kitchen TV. So our house is now officially officially done and it looks great! When I got home from work last night he had a candlelit dinner prepared for me and he also had a card and gift for me. The card alone was so sweet and made me cry. He made it himself and the words he wrote were amazingly loving and touching. The gift was a Willowtree figurine (we collect them). It is called Cherish - Awaiting a Miracle. It is a little pregnant woman. It is hard to explain, but so beautiful. I love you baby!

I also got a book from my coworker/friend LeAnn. She gave me "The Newly Non-Drinking Girls Guide To Pregnancy".

I have such wonderful people in my life and no it does not take gifts to realize just helps! :O)

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