Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mrs. On The Go Has Halted

Today has been fabulous. I, yes I, did a lot of relaxing today. I had my decaf coffee in bed. I was on the lap top in bed and in the lazy boy cozy chair. I talked on the phone in bed. I took Allie for a very long walk through neighborhoods I haven't ventured through yet. And Sean and I have been trying to train her to walk correctly on a leash and not spaz out when she sees other people or animals, but it has not been working, which will not be good for me with being pregnant; nor will it be good when I have a stroller with baby. Any hoo, I pulled out the backup and it worked wonders! It is one of those halties that goes around te muzzle. She hates it, but she behaves. We walked past people and animals and she couldn't do a thing. She could not leap in the air like a Mexican jumping bean and rip my arms out of their sockets. Any way, back to the point. I got to relax so much on my day off. I did do some cleaning and laundry and I am about to leave to run a couple of errands and then home to start coooking in the kitchen, but I did so much lying around and I even got a little nap.

Yesterday I got a quarterly bonus, which was N.I.C.E. And Dr. Supow is giving us each year memberships to the gym. Double Nice.

Off to get my car detailed and to Publix.


Becca said...

Sweet! Joel got his unexpected profit share from his company today too so we're going to go shop for some baby stuffs and have a date night for the first time in FOREVER!
Teaching a dog to use a leash while preggo is no fun. I gave up on Lilly until after the baby arrives....she's just too strong for me!

Hettie Brewner said...

The gentle leader works. Allie is now so easy to walk. It's a miracle.