Monday, December 8, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

We had a really good weekend and it just ends too quickly! Friday night we went over to my coworker Amy's house and played games. There were like 9 of us (all people I work with and their spouses). We ate pizza and played Cranium. She has a hairless cat; I want one!

Saturday we went to the Long Center and worked out. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and thought for sure I would be sore, but I wasn't. We did our usual cat cuddling at HSP and then to Publix to grocery shop. We bought 2 toys for 2 tots (the Marine Corps toy drive). We also picked a boy and girl from the Christmas Wish Tree at church so we had fun shopping for them (kids in need). It feels really good to be able to do stuff like that. We came home and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which Sean had never seen.

Yesterday started out great, until I had to get dressed. Really none of my pants are fitting anymore. I started crying lots. Not because I am gaining weight, but because I feel so uncomfortable. I am trying to hold out as long as possible because I know I am just gonna get bigger. I guess I will try the maternity extenders, but it just feels like the pants won't fit either way. Most days I am in scrubs so it's no big deal, but the few days that I wear civilian clothes, I just really dread finding something to wear and getting dressed. I am proud of the weight gain, but hate feeling so uncomfortable. Any way, we went to church and then to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat lunch and watch Sean's football game. Again, I go to the bathroom and have a big ol' cry, for really absolutely no reason. Then I feel bad for crying because I don't want baby to know I am upset, which in turn only makes me cry more. I have no idea why I was crying in the first place. I got it all out though and felt much better. Sean was a big help, too. After the game we came and picked up Allie and took her to the park. It was gorgeous! Then home to watch Cloverfield and get some good sleep.


Becca said...

Aww the random crying will only get worse. It's hard to adjust to not fitting into your normal clothes. It's so bitter-sweet....proud of the baby bump, but yet you miss being able to dress yourself in all of your own clothes. I'm really looking forward to wearing all of my old stuff again! Only 5 more weeks for me! You need to take a preggo pic and send it to me or post it somewhere! :)

megan said...

I remember when my friend Timarie was pregnant, she used to call me because she'd had to leave a place because she was crying to hard. Then she couldn't stop crying because she was upset that she was crying. A humorous cycle to me, although not so humorous to her. At least you can say it's normal, and the people who find it humorous will one day experience it as well and understand (like me).

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement girls! I needed that! Love ya!