Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas! Busy season it has been. I had Christmas Eve off. Sean had to work until 1. Our crib and our changing table were delivered. Now, we have to start moving stuff out of the guest room and start making it a nursery. I got all of our wrapping done yesterday (took hours). We made potato salad, which was tasty, but the potatoes were a little hard so we will know to cook them a bit more next time. Fought the crazy grumpy people at Publix and the Dollar Store as they tried to run me over with the carts. Tiffany (my bestest friend) came over with lunch. She is in town from NYC. She came with the cutest gifts for baby and our new home. I missed her so. She is here until the 7th! YAY! She loved seeing the belly. :o)

We went to our pet sitting places to check on the cats. Then down to Dave and Michelle's for Christmas Eve dinner. It was yummy and their house looked great and everyone was having fun. Aunt Melinda lost a lot of weight. She looks fab. Grandma was somewhat mobile since her surgery, which was good. I was not able to do prenatal Yoga with Aunt Michelle yesterday morning. She wanted to come over and do the DVD with me, but I just did not have enough time. We even missed our church service because we ran out of time.

It was just a great Christmas Eve, EXCEPT for one thing. We pretty much know who has been pooping our house. We were trying to move our cars yesterday when our neighbors next door (in their 60s, and probably Russian) came pulling up and blocked us in. I was inside at the moment, but all the sudden I hear Sean and the neighbors arguing, so I go outside. Lemme back up for a moment. Our parking situation in this neighborhood is horrendous and it effects everyone who lives here. We park Sean's car in the garage and my car in the driveway. In the mornings, Sean moves my car to the street and leaves. Then I leave to go to work a bit later. Any way, apparently when my car is on the street in the mornings, it causes a problem for our neighbors because the garbage man can't get their garbage. SO they have been pissed about this. But instead of asking us nicely to fix the situation, they have probably been pooping our house and then act childish by blocking our car in when we were trying to leave. Any way, I come outside and the whole situation got the best of me. I yelled a lot and was very angry. I have since asked God for forgiveness. I am not like that usually, but I have been so furious over the poop thing, that I just unleashed. Any way, we never knew the garbage man couldn't get their garbage. The situation did not end well with the confrontation, so who knows.

Back to happy stuff. It's Christmas! We got baby stuff (receiving blankets, onesies, hats, clothes)! We also got a good amount of money, which will help a ton. We got a ton of other great gifts (mom and Mike got us a really cool picture that we will hang in the nursery and Sean got me a neck massager), but too much to name, but all equally great. We have had a wonderful Christmas morning opening up all of our gifts and just being together. Sean got me maternity clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Allie had fun with her stocking and treats and new toy. Now, she has a friend over (we are pet sitting a Rot/Lab mix for 5 days over here).

OK enough blogging. It's Christmas!

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