Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Little Blessing From God

We had our anatomy ultrasound yesterday and it went fabulously!!! We got to see the brain hemispheres, eyes, nose, mouth (no cleft lip), spinal cord (no spina bifida), femur, legs and arms (kicking and moving), liver (normal), stomach (measured normal), diaphragm, heart (all 4 chambers), baby drinking amniotic fluid, right size (almost a pound). Baby is completely healthy!!!! It was so awesome to see all this. Heartbeat was 145 and normal and my cervix and placenta were normal and healthy. Saw the umbilical cord too. I am 19 weeks and 6 days so a little farther than we thought. Due date is now May 9th. Baby is breach right now (so head is upwards on my tummy and legs are near my pelvis), but no reason for C section concern because baby can move around a lot and does not need to be the other way until labor begins. We got lots of pics - 6 of them. Will post those later. We could have found out the sex, but of course didn't. She didn't even go down there. We are just so excited, grateful and thankful for the wonderful news the Lord has given us. We love our little one so much, words are indescribable.

We went to my dad's Christmas party at the Tampa Yacht Club. The food and dessert tent - delish. We got to dress up and hob nob with the rich for a couple of hours. We had a lot of fun. Paying for it today though. Very sleepy and did not sleep well last night. Coughing lots and got a Charlie horse. Maybe a nap before work?


Becca said...

YAY!!! baby is doing well! Good news to hear! Ultrasounds never get old do they? I will have one more before delivery hopefully and i'm already looking forward to it! Glad to hear that your little one is well on his or her way to meeting the world!!

Hettie Brewner said...

This was our 3rd u/s and we have 2 more. Love it! Love it even more that baby is healthy!