Monday, December 29, 2008

Down Time? Nah!

Christmas goes by fast, but this week is kinda a different week. We get off early today and Wednesday and then off completely on Thursday at work.

Our weekend was super busy (again). I am not sure when things will slow down, but it is good and we are enjoying our time. After work on Friday, we pet sitted and went to my grandma's for dinner. It was like Christmas Part 2, or maybe a redo from the day before. This time was much better. No arguing or crying! Oh wait...... I did cry, but that was before we went to my grandma's. My bro-in-law sent us a stuffed animal for the baby and a Pooh Bear scrapbook. It was so sweet and I cried lots. Good cries of course. We are just so excited to meet our little precious baby. To see 1sts of everything (first tooth, first time finding toes, first solid food and on and on). To think we are bringing a little baby into the world to teach him/her everything, to have something so innocent and curious and ready to explore. A clean slate. It is just amazing and a HUGE responsibility. I just want to be the best parents that we can be and love our little one with all that we have. OK, might cry again, moving on.

Saturday we had an appointment with our financial advisor to go over our investments, our money in general, college funds, savings accounts for baby, how to best manage our money, etc, etc. Sean got some stock in Verizon, Progress Energy and Intel, which he is pretty excited about and will be probably be watching daily from work on various web sites. I went the more convservative route and got some stocks in GE and some other company that is highly recognizable, but I can't remember who it is. All-in-all, the meeting went well. We hope to start our college fund and savings account in May for baby. Then we went to the PO to mail our Christmas presents off to family (a little late!). More pet sitting, then the Humane Society. Got a mani/pedi after that, ordered pizza, more pet-sitting, yada, yada and then home! OH and Sean's assistant manager came by and picked up the bed in our spare bedroom. YAY! Now, we can start putting our nursery together. Sean has already started taking everything out of the box for the crib. He is so cute and ready to build it and so excited. He couldn't even sleep last night because he so badly wanted to build it. I know it helps him feel more a part of baby, so that is good.

Yesterday we went to church. We had a summary of our year of sermon series and then a pep talk for 2009. We went to lunch after that and watched our football games. Both of our teams are done for the season. Wah! Then we went to Kohl's and I got a maternity shirt, Staples to get a 2009 planner, Walmart to use our $50 giftcard on Disney DVDs (starting our collection for baby), Target to try to return pants without receipt (doesn't work, will be there again), more pet sitting.

WOOH! What a weekend. All this typing has made me hungry. And baby is letting me know, as well, with lots of kicks! C-YA!


Becca said...

Aww baby kicks...gotta love those hints.

Hettie Brewner said...

Every time it happens, I llllloooooovvvveeee it!