Friday, February 27, 2009

Labor is a tough job

My day with baby Joel went well yesterday, except for he is sick so he just really wasn't feeling well. poor little guy. I am so loving taking care of him on Thursdays.

Had an OB appointment yesterday. My glucose screening test - I passed with flying colors!!!!!! YAY! And i am not anemic. My blood pressure, urine, belly measurements and baby heartbeat all good. I lost a pound, but I don't think they were worried about it. i think last time i was dressed for winter and this time for summer. my Uggs alone probably weighed 2 pounds last time. i also had the FNN test (to see if i am producing labor hormone) and I'm not. Great appointment. One nurse that I had never seen before was very surprised to see me prego with a newborn and asked how I accomplished that one. Funny!

We had our childbirth class last night. The topic was L&D. let me just say stressful. Hearing all that stuff got me really scared and feeling like I won't be able to get through it all. I have this plan of how I want it to go, but there are so many things that are out of my control, things that could happen, things I can't plan for. I just need to let God take the driver's seat and I need to move on over to the passenger side or maybe the back seat or even the trunk! Any way, after that class i came home being very poopy and not in a good mood at all, but lots of talking and praying has helped and today is a new, much better day. i will get through this and God will be with me. It is not going to be easy (hence word labor), but I am not alone. It won't be easy for our little baby either. Or Sean. Stupid Eve for eating that dang apple!!!!! ;) So, while i can say all day i want a drug-free, vaginal delivery, we can take our birth plan with our pages of instructions to the hospital, I just have to remember to have an open mind, let go and just let it happen.


Becca said...

It's always best to have an open mind and is rough but it really wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. I already miss being in labor and almost want to be again if you can believe it!? You'll do just fine and like you open to anything and long as your little one gets here happy and healthy, then it doesn't really matter how. :) Congrats an the great checkup and passing the GD test. Not eating sugar while preggo SUX!!!

Hettie Brewner said...

I can believe it b/c it says in the Bible first in Genesis that labor will be excruciatingly difficult b/c of Eve disobeying God, but then it says that God will get you through it and you will actually forget the pain and suffering. So you probably already forgot. What a wonderful God huh!

Thanks, I was so happy to hear I passed.