Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yum, carrot cake

It's funny how I have more to blog about sitting in a hospital bed than when I was crazy woman with a million things to do a day. Pastor Trial, Faithlynn and their kids came to visit yesterday. Faithlynn was like "Except for getting bored, I could get used to this, it's like being at a hotel or on vacation". I realized she is right, except for I haven't been bored! My 3 complaints and I hate to complain: 1. No showers. 2. Can't go outside. 3. Hospital food. 3 best things about being here: 1. Baby - knowing I am here for our baby, getting u/s daily and heartbeat monitoring twice a day. 2. Getting to know God better, where I should be going in life, my faith, intimacy with Jesus Christ. 3. The love and support we have received from everyone...... And a mid afternoon nap, five hours a day on the computer and all meals served in bed, my hubby washing my hair and bathing me and hours upon hours of TV (especially back to back to back episodes of House on USA) ain't too bad either. :)

A woman from church that we have never even talked to, who is legally blind, took a bus from Clearwater all the way here, just to meet us and see what our needs are. She and her hubby are also the ones who own vending machines and are giving Sean pre-made sandwiches and tons of snacks and drinks for work. It was really nice to meet her and I still can't believe she took a bus all the way here.

Sean decided it would be funny to rest a plate of carrot cake on my belly shelf and quickly (sneakingly) take a pic. He was really laughing. I kinda laughed too!

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