Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm the Boss

Really Mom?  Target AGAIN???!!!! 

Ryan likes his high chair now, although you may not b able to tell by the expression on his face.  He can sit in it and entertain himself while I eat.  Yay!  Because before he lasted about 2 minutes.  He's growing up!

Side note:  We aew lucky to have such a good pup because apparently after I took Allie out this morning to go potty, I came back inside, but I forgot to bring her in with me???!!!  Yah, good one.  How I managed to leave her out there, I may never know.  Didn't even notice for the next 2 hours that she wasn't in the house.  The only way I knew that she was outside is because I heard her whining at the front door.  Oops.  I am thankful that she didn't get hit by a car, go exploring and get lost, get bit by a dog (for a second time, although it could even out her bad haircut, lol), animal control didn't get her, someone didn't steal her, etc.  I guess I just wasn't awake or something.  :)  Any hoo, she's inside now.  ha!  For sure she is, see pic above, yep she's inside!  lol


Becca said...

i think he needs some teething rings. LOL!?! toys much? :) cute though

Hettie Brewner said...