Friday, October 16, 2009

Let's see

I went to my nursing orientation yesterday.  I left at 8 and got home at 1.  Sean had a half day so he could care for the mister.  Everything went well!!  Happy Daddy and happy baby!!!!  FINALLY!  Ryan resisted the bottle at first, but then got hungry enough for it.  I learned a lot of what nursing school will be like.  I am praying that I get evening classes and evening shift at the hospital that I get my first choice hospital!!!!!  I am also praying that my friend Tiffany and I will have night classes together and work at the same hospital.  We know each other from church and just found out this week that we are in the program together.  How cool is that?  Study buddy!!!!!  I will find out my schedule the first week of November.  Then we can start looking for someone to help out with watching Ryan, too.  If I get the night schedule, it won't be too bad, but if I get days I won't see my little man much and he would have to be with a sitter a lot more.  I have a lot of stuff to get done in preparation for the first day of class, which will be January 11th.  I am really excited and so is Sean!!!!!!!  Hettie Brewner, RN.  I LIKE it! 

Ryan first tooth is in a lot more now and he has 2 more buds!!!! 

We took him to the carnival last night, see below :).  It is at our church.

I'm psyched for the weather we are getting this weekend.  It is raining today, which is really nice.  AND this weekend, we have lows in the 50s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Highs in the 70s.  Just in time for our day trip tomorrow.  I am super excited for that, too! 


Becca said...

yay for cooler weather! we're supposed to have sleet tonight!!

Hettie Brewner said...

Did it sleet???????? I think I like that word. heehee Certainly not one I say often. :)