Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just a bit clumsy

My mom's birthday was October 1st.  Well, she had an interesting day because she ended up with a bruised, bleeding and swollen foot from below her ankle to her pinkie toe and torn ligaments.  She was walking home from work and she slipped on a pebble.  She went to the doc yesterday and they took x-rays so she will find out if anythying is broken on Monday. but she doesn't think so.  She is now laid up at home.  Here's to a speedy recovery mama!!!!!!  And Happy Birthday (again).  :) 

Oh and must have been just one of those days for my parents because Dad's moonroof broke and wouldn't close so he had to drive around yesterday with a garbage bag covering the hole.  He so needs a new car!  Ghetto is a word that comes to mind.  LOL

And last, but not least, Ryan has a tooth coming in!  I better watch out....nursing could soon become!

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