Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Comments On Last Post

I've been reflecting on the importance of hiding God's word in our hearts.  It is awesome to memorize and be able to recite big words and long verses, but my hope is these living words will come to mind when they are needed most.  When a question needs to be answered, a problem solved, a hurt feeling mended, a moral decision made, an anger outrage avoided.  These are the times when we need God's wisdom.  I still try so much to figure things out on my own and God lovingly reminded me recently that I need to go to His word.  ESPECIALLY when I am struggling with anger and anxiety.  I've been practicing that this week and it has been such a blessing and a comfort.  It has also been something I've been doing with the kiddos.  When they are fighting with each other or not sharing toys or any of the other difficulties they may be facing, I've been taking them to The Word.  I urge all of you to do the same!  It will NEVER be a waste of time!

Update on my grandma:  Last time I talked to Dad, she was still on the vent, sedated, and with chest tubes.  During one of her 'sedation vacations', she did nod to my Dad and uncle's questions.  I also know the vent is on a low setting because she is doing some breathing on her own.  Please continue to pray. 

Little Andrew has had an ear infection and Hailey seems a little congested off and on.  Hunter is back to 100% and Ryan stayed well. 

We are looking forward to an extended visit from my in-laws this month and praying that God provides for us to go to AZ in August to see my mom and step-dad. 

More later.  Blessings!

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