Sunday, June 15, 2014


My grandma passed away on Thursday.  It's been hard.  We were really close.  It's been a rough month for my family with my uncle passing May 15th and then my grandma June 12th.  I am sad, but I worry about my Dad and my uncles.  It's just a lot to go through.  I know we can find strength and comfort from our Heavenly Father and so I rest in that. So many memories have been coming back to my mind.  The many trips to Crest Lake so I could put on gymnastics competitions for her, all the meals she lovingly made for us, the sleepovers at her house, shopping trips, traveling with them, laughter, meeting her great grandchildren, cowbells, eating turkey legs.  Just so many happy memories.  She was an amazing lady and she will be dearly missed.  The funeral is next Saturday and me and Hailey will be going down there for it.  

Here's a picture of her meeting Hailey for the first time back in March.  Bug gave her very first smiles to her great grams!

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