Sunday, June 8, 2014

KY Train Ride

Our church usually does a monthly outing and we usually go to our local skate rink or to the zoo or bowling.  However, this time we went on a Saturday (so the husbands could come, too) and we drove up to KY and went on a train.  It's in Stearns, KY and I think it's called Big South Fork or something like that.  It's an 11 mile (45 min) train ride and then a stop for 1.5 hrs where we got to eat packed lunches and explore the trails and the old coal mines.  Then a 45 min train ride back. After that we went to the museum, which was free because of our paid train tickets.  We caravanned with the Carrasco family and Sean and James really enjoyed that because they talked on walkie talkies the whole time (both military men!!!).  It was about an hour and a half drive from our house.  We really enjoyed the day!  The Carrascos came over for dinner last night after we got back.  We had a full day of fun!
Hunter and Ryan and Carrasco boys

Hunter, Ryan, Andrew

The Bolingers

The Carrascos, Alves baby, Billy, Tori Bates


Me and Sean

The Bolingers

The Carrascos

The Brewners :)

Icing Hunter's head after a fall.  He had a cut and a really big knot.  He's fine though, praise the Lord!  I was a little nervous about it at first since we were out in the middle of nowhere.  

Ry's photog skills


Mrs. R said...

lol you have three identical sons! so big!! :)
I hope his head is ok now!

Hettie Brewner said...

His head is much better, thank you!!!! I kinda see where they all look alike, but the I think they look so different too! :)