Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's going on

Dad and Ryan at our house this past Sunday watching the Bucs.

Robin came over yesterday to hang out.  :)

I said yes to being a leader over the greeters at church so I start that the first of October as my trial month to see how I like it and if I have enough time to do it. 

I also started cleaning Dad's house once a week to help him out because he has collected dust basically since we a year's worth.......and to make a little extra pocket money.  Today was my first day and I'm beat!  Man-o-man you should see the dust in that house!  I didn't finish....not even close, but it's a start.  My throat hurts from it.  Dad cannot live in that filth.  Poor Pops.  He has no time - all his time is spent at work and with the grandparents.

Diane, the woman who comes over once a week for an hour, gave us Ry's report card yesterday and he scored a perfect 60.  That's my boy!  She said she had never seen a perfect score before.  :0)

And good thing that's all I got because the lap top battery is going out on me and I have a sleeping baby on my lap so I can't get the charger. 

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