Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Signs

Ryan and I started our first baby signing class at the library today. It goes 4 weeks and more importantly, it's free! There were a lot of mommies and babies there. I already learned a good amount of words that I can start teaching him. Repetition is key. It takes about 75 times for each word to be learned by him, but he should be able to start communicating with me by 8 or 9 months if I am consistent. I don't know if I should teach him the word "milk"; that could very well backfire on me! LOL He enjoyed it, too, and was a very good boy. He liked looking at all of the other kids and hearing the music.

Let's see, what else????? I lost my phone in the mall yesterday. I dropped it on the ground without realizing it and noticed about 10 minutes later. After a cuss word or two and thinking in my head "shut up" because Ryan was crying, I started to retrace my steps and what do you know there it was lying in the middle of the floor. What a miracle! Totally thanked God and apologized for thinking about saying shut up to my son and saying God **** it. I certainly didn't deserve to get my phone back, that's for sure.

I have a little baby sleeping on my lap right now. The littlest things in life that are so perfect and make me so happy. :)

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