Sunday, September 20, 2009

Change of Plans

We decided to go to the World's Largest Garage Sale at the Florida Fairgrounds. However, we found out after we drove all the way there that it had been canceled and instead it was Gear Fest, which was a motorcycle gear and bike show. Um, no. So, since we were already out there, we instead went to Ybor City. Sean had not been before. I tell him, "Ya know we are getting old when we got to Ybor during the day!" because it is mostly clubs and definitely more 'happening' at night. But there are shops and restaurants, so we had a good time wandering around for a few hours. We ate at Columbia (so flippin good!) and Sean got a cigar for him and Dad. I even fed Ryan in the cigar shop. Strange sounding, I know! We went to Best Buy after that and then home to watch! :)

EEwwwww, and on a side note....this is kind of gross. I notice all this yucky stuff in Ryan's belly button and figure it is just a remnant of his cord, but we decided to use a QTIP and alcohol and Sean was able to clean a majority of it out, which means it was probably just dirt buildup from our lack of washing it. Great. :(

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