Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sheraton Sand Key

Last night we went down to Sheraton Sand Key to see Robin, Mike, Matt and Steve.  They are siblings.  I have known them forever, it seems.  I dated Matt when I was 18 and broke up with him when I was 21, but we have remained good friends through the years and he was even at my wedding.  Any hoo, Matt and Mike are down visiting from Atlanta, moving their mom from here up to there.  We met them at Sheraton at the pool and had some drinks.  I hadn't seen Matt and Mike since '05.  Long time!  Robin and Steve live here.  I just posted some pics of Robin a few days ago.  Any way, here is Matt and Ryan.  Ryan did not like Matt much, but loved Mike.  Maybe because he's a fellow baldie.  :) 

Also, 2 pics of Ry's "Thursday Best".  My Aunt Tayna sent him like 4 garbage bags full of clothes and a box full of 'em, too, a while back.  Most of them are dressier, but oh-so-cute.  So, I thought he looked super cute in this.  Sean thought he looked funny.  He even matched a little girl at the signing class.  :) 

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