Friday, September 18, 2009

Just life

I had my first girls night out in God only knows how long??????? Maybe when Sean was deployed? I'm not kidding either. I mean I have done plenty during the day with friends, but when evening rolls around, I'm always with Sean....and now of course Ryan. How I like it that way, too! BUT it was good to get away for an evening and I did have good times. We had a surprise party for Autumn over at Faithlyn's (my Pastor's wife) house. Autumn had no idea so it was really cute! We ate (TOO MUCH!), did gifts and dessert (AGAIN, TOO MUCH!). Back on the home front, things were not so good. Ryan was OK for the first hour and a half, but for the next hour and a half he screamed....without ceasing! I know it must have been hard on both of them....and Allie, too! When I got back home, I fed Ryan and let him sleep on me for a while. Even as he was sleeping, he was still having a hard time catching his breath from all the crying he was doing. It so wore him out, too, because he slept a good 12 hours and he has had a few naps today (short ones). He has been very mommy needy today, too. Like don't ever leave me AGAIN, mom! Off subject slightly, but Ryan never really takes long naps. I hear babies take like one or two 2 hour naps a day. Ryan naps like 20-40 minutes a few times a day/evening. Sometimes, he will sleep longer, but it's rare. Any hoo.

We started a women's study at church yesterday. It will be every Thursday. There are about 8 of us ladies. I think the book we are reading is Women of Influence. There is child care with a donation available, too, which is nice, but Ryan only lasted 15 minutes yesterday. I tell ya, mama's boy! lol

We had our second signing class at the library yesterday, as well. It was a B-U-S-Y day! Ryan thoroughly enjoyed himself. He made us late because of a very poopie diaper, but that's life. He gets very stimulated during the baby signing class because as soon as I put him in the car after we're done, he is zonked out.

LOL, when I do spell check it wants me to change "poopie" to "poo pie".

Sean is able to take December 15-23rd off from work, so we will be in Colorado with his family for Christmas. This will be the first time spending Christmas with his family and I'm looking forward to it. I am excited for Ry's first Christmas, snow (hopefully) and plane ride!

I was just thinking about how this blog has really become Ryan's blog. Guess it better to talk about someone other than myself. :)

Peace out

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