Wednesday, January 29, 2014

4th Child

For those wanting to know, posting another quick update. 

I went to the OB yesterday, yes, the weekly visits!!!, and me and baby are good. 

I was checked, but there is no dilation or effacement currently. 

The OB gave me the go ahead to try to start labor on my own.  She said that although I am 37 weeks and full-term isn't until 39, she is fine with me trying to get things going.  Of course, it's all God's timing!!!  And I'm pretty sure he doesn't need any help!  lol 

She also said that by feeling my belly that this baby isn't more than 6 pounds, unless s/he is hiding super well in there.  She did not think I was headed down the nine pounder road.  Any way, again, only God knows. 

Of course, healthy baby, healthy mama is our prayer!  :) 

Sean got the made especially for baby take home outfit so now I think we are officially ready!  If only we could get out of our snow and ice covered steep driveway!  lol


~ Noelle said...

cant wait to see pics ;)

Hettie Brewner said...

Can't wait to take and post pix!!! :)