Thursday, January 23, 2014

Proud (Humbly So) Parents

I had posted a few posts ago that we, as a family, were trying to learn the 66 books of the Bible in order.  Well, we have done it!  All of us!  OK, not Andrew, but maybe he does know them all; just can't say them because he has 2 words:  ba-ba and da-da and he has MULTIPLE meanings for those 2 words.  I exaggerate.  He also says hi and bye.  And hot.  He's our slower talker.  He does a great job of being the baby.  Not for long.  OK, totally off subject. 

So, any way.  We can recite the 66 books of the Bible.   Pastor Bates had given the whole church the challenge of knowing them by the end of January.  He also gave personal challenges to different age groups so whoever can do it in front of church for their age group gets $25.00.  Ryan was all prepared and kept talking about doing it, but when it came time, he got a little too shy.  However, much to our surprise, Hunter says that he will do it, walks up in front of the whole church, and with just a little bit of Daddy's help, says all 66 of 'em!  BARELY above a whisper!  So, he got the money for his age group of 0-2 years.  He has decided to pick a toy from Toys R Us, which we are going to take him this weekend to get.  He's super excited!

So, here's the link to the song that helped us all to learn the books of the Bible.  Of course none of us can recite them without singing them!

We also just taught the boys what God created on each of the seven days (well 6 really, since he rested on the 7th), which is something else that Pastor Bates encouraged us to do and I encourage you to do!  :)

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