Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow Days!

It's funny how we have snow in our forecast often these days and don't see a thing or just a few flurries at most, but the day NO snow is expected, we get a full two days worth of snow enjoyment!  This was day 1.  We had snow falling from about 9 am until about 8 pm.  It is so peaceful and beautiful to watch!  God is good!  When the boys got up that morning, Ryan asked for snow and I said we would need to pray and ask God.  So we did.  And He answered our prayer!

Sledding on a cardboard box.  If you're wondering where Hunter is, he has already had enough (after about 3 minutes) and was inside taking off his 15 layers!  Andrew LOVED it out there though and fussed when we had to bring him in.

His shoes look huge because they are!  He's wearing Hunter's!  Andrew is a true TN boy!  He does not like to keep shoes on, no matter the temperature.  We lost his last pair.  Or rather, HE lost his last pair!

Day 2 of snow!  We got about 3.5 to 4 inches!  Sean even got this day off of school, which was so nice to have some extra time with him. 

I don't think he would have gotten very far any way.

Lily LOVED playing in the snow!  She even got Allie liking it!


Where'd our driveway go!?  Definitely snowed in!


~ Noelle said...

awesome. love the pics...
Sorry i have been MIA for a bit... I thought I was signed up to get your emails, guess not...
is your house the one for sale? so lost, as I have not been over lately (playing catch up now)
meant to send you a Christmas card, but could not find your address.
hope yall are great

Hettie Brewner said...

That's OK!!! I'm glad to hear from you! Yes, it is for sale (we rent). Our lease is until end of June and if it hasn't sold, the owners will do a month by month lease with us until it sells. We are doing well! Sorry again for your loss!