Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby #4 Readiness!

We are ready for the baby!  I'm 34 weeks today!  We spent time this weekend getting the bassinet, swing, bouncer, burp cloths, bibs, clothes, socks, shoes, etc. etc. all out and ready.  We rearranged the house a bit in preparation and got our bags packed for the hospital. I went through our one box of random girl sized clothes and got the newborn sizes out.  Sean just watched me go through that box and I said "You're either thinking thank goodness those are coming out or boy, you're really wasting your time!"  He said yup, pretty much!  lol  :)  It just makes it all that more exciting, getting all ready for the new blessing!  My last appointment on New Year's Eve my fundal height was under - I measured at 30 weeks, but I was 33 weeks at the time.  The OB wants to get an ultrasound, which will be done on the 14th. 

And here's some pictures taken today outside of our house.  It's PRETTY COLD!!!  I think my Dad said it's called a polar vortex or something.  Either way, it's cold.  Our thermometer reads 15, but the feels like is -2.  It is supposed to be 0 tonight with a feels like of -10 and tomorrow night a feels like of 10-15 below.  Bur!!!!

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