Friday, January 24, 2014

Guessing Baby Stats

For this baby, we decided to have a little fun and try to guess birth stats.  Whoever comes the closest will get a special treat.  I just had to share the guesses (especially Ryan's!!!)

Sean:  Did not guess gender, as he knows the gender!  Birthday 2/14 at 2000.  8 lb 12 oz.  20.5 in.  Brown hair. 

Me:  Girl.  Birthday 2/14 at 0733.  7 lb 12 oz.  21 3/4 in.  Brown hair. 

Andrew:  Girl.  Birthday 1/29 at 2200.  9 lb 1 oz.  22 in.  Red hair.   If you're wondering how we got answers from our 1-year-old, we just said the numbers and other choices and when we got a reaction from him, we went with it.  :)

Hunter:  Girl.  Birthday 1/31 at 0900.  7 lb 15 oz.  22 in.  Brown hair. 

Ryan:  (THIS ONE IS FUNNY.....AND NOT NICE!)  Boy.  Birthday 3/9 (Let me remind you my due date is 2/17!) at 1400.  10 lb 15 oz.  24 in.  Red hair. 

My good friend Carly wanted to guess, too, so here's hers!  :)  Girl.  Birthday 2/22 at 1100.  8 lb 12 oz.  21 in.  Lots of medium brown hair. 

Oh and Sean read the blog last night and mentioned that I should have written down what God created each day!

Day 1:  Light
Day 2:  Firmament
Day 3:  Land, sea, fruit, trees, grass, herbs
Day 4:  Sun, moon, stars
Day 5:  Fish and fowl
Day 6:  People and animals
Day 7:  Rest


Mrs. R said...

i'm going to guess 2/25 7lbs 8oz girl brown hair that date would be convenient for my traveling so please abide. :)

Hettie Brewner said...

I like the weight, very thoughtful of you!! :) Not sure about the date! That's a long way away!!! BUT I do want you here so we can maybe work it out!! lol :)

Anonymous said...

We took turns guessing our baby's stats last time as well. It was funny. Red hair? That's cute. That's what you need- a mixture of hair colors, like us! Rebekah B.

Hettie Brewner said...

We do have a blonde theme currently don't we!!??

Nikki said...

I don't even know you but my daughter and I enjoy reading here. I thought I would guess. I am guessing a girl on Feb 22nd. 7 lbs 4 oz ,brown hair. I have NEVER been right guessing for any of our ten children but it is fun to wonder anyway. ;)

Hettie Brewner said...

Hi Nikki,

Thanks for visiting my blog and I am so glad you and your daughter enjoy it!!! Thanks for your guess!!! Two of my boys are already wrong, as they guessed January babies!!!! :) Awww, you are soooo very blessed to have 10 children!!!!