Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back to normal, whatever normal is.

We both were back at work yesterday and had good days. Very busy! Sean got news that he will probably be head manager. Yay! We will know for sure after a few weeks of more training. He will not be getting the 60 dollars stolen from him back, but the guy who did it did get fired. We got like 6 paychecks when we got back from vacay, so that was nice and much needed.

Still no news on Libby the dog that we were pet sitting and she was peeing blood every few minutes. She was supposed to come into the clinic, but missed the appointment (both of them) and I think was going to the ER.

Faye is doing better. She still has the tubes down her throat. They tried to remove them yesterday, but couldn't. They are going to try again today. She is gaining her strength back and getting frustrated that she can't talk b/c of the tubes.

Christa and Shane have a funeral to attend in Tampa, which is not good of course, but hopefully Sean and I will be able to visit with them. They are in our prayers. We have not seen them since we moved from Cali.

Becca, Joel and baby had some issues and Becca went to the ER yesterday. I am waiting on news from that. Prayers to them, as well.

Still missing mama lots. They have had CPU problems still and trying to get that all worked out.

Gotta go!

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