Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shane and Christa

After work last night, Sean and I met up with Shane and Christa at their hotel room in Tampa. It was so good to see them and man o man do I miss her much! We drove over to Channelside. It was raining really bad, to the point that the streets were completely flooded and looked like lakes. It did finally stop though. We went to Stumps to eat, talk, have a drink and listen to music. The band was awesome. It was two guys that looked kind of like Hansen, but they were totally cool. They sang everything from Bob Marley to Alicia Keys. It was crazy, but awesome. We took them back to their room after that and got home about 11 last night. Sean had to work this morning. They were here to go to a funeral. I hate that it wasn't under better circumstances, but it was so nice to see them. I think they are doing really well. Shane is still in the USMC and Christa is working and finishing up her masters and they just got a house (HUGE - like 2000 sf and brand new) and two puppy dogs. These are the things I miss about military life. The friendships are like no other. We rarely talk, which I hate and wish to change, and haven't seen each other in almost 2 years, but when we got together last night it was like we had never parted ways. I am certain that me and Sean and all of our friends are all bad at keeping in touch and it stinks! Any way, here are some pics.

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