Sunday, July 27, 2008

Super Busy Saturday

Yesterday was B-U-S-Y! Sean worked. I got a ton of stuff accomplished around the house. Then I went to Publix and to get a man/ped. After that, I went to the Humane Society to volunteer and then to meet dad at the mall to go shopping. Sean and I took dad to the town home and he got to see the progress inside and out. In only one week a lot more has been done there. I am loving it! We have tile floors and bathtubs and hardware and the garage door and opener and our AC unit. It is just so exciting. Then we went down to Dave and Michelle's for dad, grandma, uncle Paul and aunt Melinda's birthdays. We had a cookout. It is really nice to see Paul and Tanya and the boys. Sean and I got dad a digital camera for his BD. I think he really was super surprised. Amy and Butch were also there from Orlando and that was a surprise and great to see them, as well.

With the new work schedule, it has been a little difficult to figure out how to juggle everything. Before with working from home and I could take breaks to do errands and chores. Now, I wake up, workout, make B-fast and lunch, shower, get a little bit done around here, go to work, come home, eat dinner, sleep, repeat. So, on days off it seems like I have a mile long list of things I have jammed full into my day that need to be done that could not be done on workdays. Welcome to the real working world huh! I'll get there.

Oh yeah, Mike (mom's Mike) went to court on Thursday and got the divorce from his wife.......ex-wife! We are so happy for them. They can have a divorce party. I guess that is the new in thing to do. Weird.

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