Wednesday, July 2, 2008

With The Good Comes The Bad

1. We are on vacation - good!
2. We made it here safely - good!
3. We are with mom and Mike - yay! Good!
4. Our flights were on time, we didn't get charged baggage fees, they did not confiscate anything I was "hauling" with me, we got a yummy breakfast with dad at Friday's before we left - good!
5. I got to watch 21 on the plane, which was a great movie - good!
6. Arizona is lovely, as I remember it to be, we got to explore Tucson a bit and go eat at In N Out, which is one of me and Sean's favorite West Coast eateries - delish - good!
7. We came back here and spent hours catching up with mom and Mike and had a yummy dinner and got really good sleep last night - good!
8. I lost my Coach glasses and then found them after a day of searching, thinking I had left them at work, the dermatologist's office, the Humane Society or they were stolen, only to find out I had packed them (after calling most of these places) - good!

And for the bad:
1. Sean and I fought most of the trip b/c we had to get up at 4 a.m. and were late getting ready and leaving for the airport and we just did not start the day out right - bad!
2. We tried to multitask while we were in ATL on our layover flight to Tucson - we call the dermatologist - made my appointment for surgery on July 21st. We call about the status of our stimulus check. We are only able to listen to a recording and can't talk to a live person and we find out that we don't qualify, which is not right so now we gotta figure out what to do and will have to call our CPA while on vacay. We call to make dental appointments and the new office we are trying to go to b/c they accept our dental discount program are completely rude and gave us a hard time. Then, I had to talk to my insurance agent about my Aetna health insurance, which has been a real pain b/c of some letter they sent me about preexisting conditions and proof of prior insurance. What the heck is the point in insurance if they won't cover anything? Then we got a call from Tricounty Mortgage asking for all this paperwork for our loan on the house, but hey we are on vacation and won't be able to get it all together for 2 weeks when we return home. Ugggg! It was not our day for trying to get things done.
3. Oh and someone had stolen $60 out of Sean's wallet last Saturday, which I forgot to post and that still has not been resolved.

OK, so no more yuckiness on this trip - from here on out we are going to relax and enjoy our time here. smiles


sbrewner said...

out with the bad, do or do not, there is no try. Love you

Becca said...

awww i'm sorry about all of that bad stuff, a lot of that really sux, but are on vacation in a beautiful place with family you miss and a hubby you love....have fun guys!