Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home (yah right)

I don't even know where to begin. Let's see.......

Yesterday we went to the Tucson Sonora Desert Museum and Zoo, which was awesome. It was all outdoors, some indoors. It is actually in the real desert, which is neat. The animals were cool. See pics below. I even went in the reptiles museum and looked at snakes (in cages). But still, go me!

Then we went to the airport. I was extremely sad. We got flagged to be extra checked by security before we had even gone through security. So we did the normal security checkpoint and then we had to go behind a glass wall and be patted down, our bags searched and tested for explosives. Meanwhile, I was crying. The lady thought because of this, but really not. Then, we also find out our flight from Tucson was running late and would not get us to Denver in time for our connecting flight, so they changed our airline and put us on a plane that left way earlier so we had to rush to make our flight from Tucson. Instead, it went to Dallas Fort Worth where we had an over 2 hour layover. We got food and drink at Fridays. We got home around one this morning. I have been doing lots of crying. I slept crappie last night. The jet lag is crazy. Who knows how I will feel tonight or tomorrow for work. We have been playing catch up with everything around here that had not been done for 2 weeks. What fun. Oh joy.

Then, I get a call from Toula, my friend Faye's mom. Faye is in the hospital. She was sick, developed pneumonia, choked on her vomit while asleep, was unresponsive and white and was rushed to the ER on Saturday. She almost died. Now, she has been sedated, intubated and has had a PICC line since then. We need to go visit, BUT ..........

we had 2 dogs to pickup for pet sitting. We got them from the vet clinic where they were being boarded. One of the dogs Libby has had a UTI, but was being treated and was supposed to be better. She's not. We brought her here and she has been peeing blood for the past 2 hours every few minutes. Poor thing. A family member is on their way to pick her up.

And I need to take my final for class tonight. My mind certainly is not with that right now.

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