Friday, July 18, 2008


Well, news on Faye is they took her tube out yesterday, she breathed on her own for 1/2 hour and then started having trouble so they put it back in and they are going to try again today to take it out.

No news on Becca. She has an MD app on Monday.

Sean is going to Orlando today to the other office to train some more, but will be home this afternoon.

Christa and Shane are supposed to be here next Thursday until Saturday to attend the funeral and hopefully we will see them.

Libby was taken to another vet and diagnosed with a bladder infection and cyst. She is on antibiotics and is at home and if she is doing well, then the estranged husband might be bringing her back today.

Dad had a place removed from his tummy (a not so good mole). He is doing well. Got 7 stitches.
At work yesterday I was sure I was fired. Leigh Ann was like "they need you in the back" and I thought oh no the only reason they would need me back there is to fire me, so I go back there hesitantly only to find all my coworkers and the docs singing Happy Birthday to little ol' me and I got a cake and everything and a card and gift certificate to Starbucks. I was totally surprised and a little freaked, but it was really cool.

Happy Friday!

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