Monday, July 21, 2008

It's A Beautiful Day!

We took Sean's mom to our church yesterday and she really enjoyed it. Meanwhile, Sean's dad, my dad, my uncle and a family friend played golf.

After church, we visited Faye at the hospital. She is looking and feeling better and should be going home soon.

Then Sean, Mom2 and me went to eat at Molly Goodheads.

Then we and Sean's dad went to Tarpon and walked around the sponge docks and went in the shops. We did wine tasting at TS Winery and we showed them the house we almost bought.

After that we went to dinner at Casa Tina in downtown Dunedin and then went to Bon Apetite and sat by the water and had a cocktail and watched the sunset.

It was a totally good day!

This morning we got a lot done around the house.

I registered for fall semester. I am only taking a 1 credit course (vet tech medical terminology) since we both started new jobs and will be packing, moving and getting settled into our new home......and hopefully getting pregos! :O) wink wink. I start back to school Aug 25th. I have a nice break!

Eating b-fast and have a busy day ahead with my hubby and my in laws. It should be fun!

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