Thursday, February 12, 2009

4 Glorious Years

Happy Anniversary honey! I am so excited for our trip to St. Marys, where God first brought us together. Yum, Dick's Wings - the place we met. I can't wait to have a hotlap sandwich and play video games with you there. It is going to be an awesome weekend! Well, I wanted to give you a little tribute, but it has to be fast b/c I need to shower. We have an ultrasound to get to and then off on our road trip. What gifts God has given us on our special day - we even get to see our precious little baby today!

I love you.............because..............
1. You love me and treat me like a princess and would do anything in this world for me.
2. I don't ever have to worry if you would stop loving me, go astray or intentionally do something to hurt me.
3. How absolutely excited you are about this baby, which just shows on your handsome face every time baby is brought up.
4. Brilliant.
5. Hardworker.
6. You make me laugh. You're so silly.
7. You always have me in mind no matter what you are doing.
8. I love your phone calls and texts everyday. I miss you so much when we are apart and these really help my day.
9. You sleep so cute and you rarely snore, which I am very thankful for.
10. You are a great cook and you make me dinner almost every night.
11. You help me clean, do laundry and other chores and errands.
12. You are incrediably hot!
13. I KNOW you will be a wonderful father.
14. We share a love for travel.
15. Our cuddle time is the best - we just fit together.
15. I love your hands.
16. You actually like to shop and browse stores with me.
17. Your my Yoga and walking partner.
18. My family loves you - maybe more than they love me! ha!
19. Allie loves you.
20. Your a Marine, you fought for your country, you are strong and you have such admirable values and beliefs.
21. You stay true to your word.
22. You love God.
23. You give the best foot and back rubs.
24. You would rather spend every minute by my side than anywhere else.
25. You even suffer through 2 hours a month of going to the nail place with me so I can get mani/pedi's.
26. We share the same goals - financially, parenting, fun stuff, life stuff.
27. You are you, my husband, the man I fell in love with and continue to do so more and more eveeryday. I pray to God that he gives us another 70 years of blissful marriage.

Gotta get in the shower. I could go on and on! Sorry I forgot to get you a card. And oh yah, Happy Valentine's Day! smoochies. YLW, SM, love your wifey!


sbrewner said...

I would leave a very long message for you, but I have to get in the shower too. You are so sweet to say those nice things. I am blessed even more to know I have such a wonderful wife. I love you.

Becca said...

I hope you guys have/had fun!

Hettie Brewner said...

Sean: Thanks! Lovey!

Becca: We had a blast!~