Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our anniversary, V-Day, babymoon weekend


Our anniversary getaway weekend has started out great! I guess it is also our Valentine’s trip and our babymoon, but above all it is for our anniversary.

So, we went for our ultrasound on Thursday morning before leaving. It went well! Baby was resting, so there was not a ton of movement. Heartbeat was 126. She (ultrasound tech) looked at the 4 heart chambers (all normal) and the left and right brain hemispheres (looked good). She said baby had long legs. Listen to baby’s position – head pretty much where my belly button is and body comes around to the left and the legs were behind the head. Silly baby! Baby was also sitting on my bladder, which we could see baby and see my bladder. How nice right before a road trip!!!!!!!! I have been thinking that I can now feel when baby is on the bladder, but I wasn’t sure. Well, that confirmed my suspicions – I can definitely feel when that’s where baby is. It is a strange sensation- kinda like a flick/tickle/movement/I gotta pee feeling! Baby is still breech, but no worries about that right now. She said they usually move in time for labor. My cervix measured 3.2 cm, which was great. We got some pics, but at this point baby is getting big where it’s starting to look pretty distorted and bones have started to really harden so it is just not as good. I will upload them though. There is a really cute one of baby’s foot and toes!

After the ultrasound we left for St. Marys. We had a lot of fun on our road trip. We left at 9:30 and got here at 2:30. We only had to stop 4 times for me to pee – not too bad.

So, we checked into our hotel. Built in like 1910 or so. I have stayed here before with mama. It is old and kinda spooky looking and definitely not the Westin, but it is clean, comfy and most certainly has character! We even have a cat! There is a hotel cat I guess that has kind of adopted us. He hangs in our room and even slept with us overnight. He is a love.

We walked around a lot yesterday and checked out the stores, drove by mom and Mike’s old house, drove the whole area and re-familiarized ourselves and reminisced. hAND went to Dick’s Wings. The food was the same – we both got the hot lap chicken sandwich. Yum! The place was the same. Even one of the workers was the same. We just had a good time and that little place was actually very romantic for us!

We both love it here. We both feel very at peace, calm, at home. It is nice.

We ended our evening with a walk and some cuddle time watching TV.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

After breakfast right on the waterfront, we took a ferry over to Cumberland Island. It is so gorgeous out there. As soon as we got there, we saw a wild horse. I was sitting in the grass; relaxing before the 3.5 mile walk we were about to embark on, taking pics of the horse and just enjoying God’s scenery. Unfortunately, I realized that I had sat in a bunch of those stickers. Ouch! So, we took the guided ranger tour and learned a ton about the history of the island. It was fairly easy because we would walk a little and then stop and sit and listen to the ranger for a while. Not to strenuous. However, I of course had to pee every 20 or so minutes, so we would lag behind, wait for others to be down the trail a bit and then I would cop a squat behind a tree. A prego girl has got to do what she has to do! After the guided tour, we were set free to do what we wanted. We walked around “The Dungeoness” (old mansion built by The Carnegie’s). It must have been beautiful in its day. Then we walked down to the beach and walked about 2.5 miles back to the dock. I started to get very tired. I stopped and rested as much as possible, but we also had a time limit and didn‘t want to miss the ferry back. The beach there is so gorgeous. Seeing tons of wild horses was so cool. We also saw an armadillo. We had such a good time. We came back and ate at Pauly’s (yummy, quaint Italian restaurant) and then went to the bar in our hotel (Seagle’s) so Sean could grab a beer. We did not stay there very long because of the cigarette smoke. I was very proud of myself for walking 3.5 miles yesterday! Not such a feat prepregnancy, but nowadays it can leave me short of breath climbing the stairs in our house.


We are on our way back home. It was such a nice trip! I am a little sad to be leaving, but it did feel like we had a good amount of time there. I know we have to get back home and I do miss our Allie. Thursday to Sunday was a good time – not too short, not too long. Well, I’m not sure vacay can ever be too long! :O)

Yesterday, we were L-A-Z-Y! in the morning. After we finally did get ready and left our room, we went to the submarine museum. Then to lunch at Lang’s Seafood House. It was tasty and we had a nice waterfront view. Then we went to more stores and did some browsing. We went into a used bookstore and I was reading the cutest little pregnancy book (I read the whole thing in there!) and I just cried and cried. It was so true, every word. Every word that I cannot find, but every feeling that I feel in my heart. My hubby musta thought I was crazy. Well, by now he is probably used to it. But the owner of the bookstore may not be and he probably did think I was a looney toon. And I didn’t even purchase the book, but I had already finished it there! We did buy a baby cookbook that I am sure we will get a lot of use out of. We also went to the Cumberland Island museum. Then to Dick’s Wings (yes, again!) for dinner. Then to get ice cream. Then to relax some more and watch V-Day movies on TV.

It rained most of yesterday. So glad God made us go to Cumberland Island on Friday. We had wanted to go Saturday, but it was booked. We were also thinking of going to Jacksonville, Amelia Island, The Golden Isles or St. Augustine, but I am happy we just stayed in St. Marys. Any way, we are in Tampa now.

Thanks lovey for an awesome weekend. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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