Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Friday - yay!

i first want to say thanks for all the anniversary cards and well wishes. We really appreciate that! it is a very special day for us and we are happy that we get to share in that with friends and family.

I am officially in the 3rd trimester now as of yesterday. i am 28 weeks. All is going well. I have had some pretty bad back pain, but other than that I have been feeling good.

yesterday started my first day of baby sitting 8-week-old baby Joel for our friends, which i will be doing every Thursday. We had a lot of fun! It is such a sweetheart. i am already learning lots, what to do and not do, what things i will definitely want to purchase and what things won't be of much use. i also got to observe Allie. She is such a mama dog and protector. it was very sweet and i feel we will have nothing to worry about with her, as long as we are still always cautious. I had a work meeting to go to yesterday and brought Joel. he was a little fussy, but i better get used to things like that. Figuring out car seats and swings and baby gear was also a learning lesson. he got to test drive our crib and changing table.

We started our 6 week free pregnancy and childbirth classes last night. It went really well, we enjoyed it, love our teacher, love that its faith based and know we will learn a lot. i am the most prego one there!

Well, that's about it. Oh yah, we are really enjoying our financial class on Sundays and have learned so much. We already have our 1000 emergency fund and are starting to work on our 3-6 months of job income. We have about 5,000 for that, but need to grow it to about 11,000. Baby steps. we did get a 1200 check from paying too much on our mortgage, so that was a nice surprise and gift from God.

Work has been pretty difficult this week, but i don't think I feel like talking about it. I just need prayer!


Becca said...

test driving a baby....wonderful practice :)

and congrats on the 3rd trimester!

Hettie Brewner said...

Yah, but I don't think his parents want to hear I am practicing on their child!!! ;0) No, in all seriousness, I am loving it and I get to do it every Thursday and I get a little extra income. And he is just too cute.