Friday, February 6, 2009


I cannot say enough how things have been so great for us. Other than the fact that I am sick, but oh well! I don't get sick very often. We have had freeze warnings here the past couple of days! Cold!

We had an OB checkup yesterday. Everything went great. They also have started testing me to make sure my body isn't producing the "let's go into labor" hormone because of my cervix issues, so the first test was yesterday and all is good! Yay! Baby heartbeat is good and my tummy measurement, blood pressure, weight gain all good!

Sean and I had 2 firsts. We can actually feel where baby is in my belly, which is awesome. It's doesn't feel all that great to push around on my belly so we won't be doing it very often, but it is so cool to feel baby and then baby will move to the other side and then we will find him again. :O) Also, baby moved the most last night. I love it! Even if it did keep my awake or maybe it's the cold that kept me awake or most likely both.

We had 2 appointments yesterday - The Kimberly Home and Bay Area Pregnancy Center. I got a ton of free maternity clothes. I should be good until birth. They are really nice outfits and God is amazing. Also, long story short, but they both work on a points system (you earn points by attending classes, going to church, working, going to school, doing lessons, donating, etc) and you use your points to get free stuff and they have everything - from strollers to baby clothes, diapers, toys - anything and everything you would need. We are so excited. One is government funded and one is supported by about 8 local churches. Did I say how blessed and amazing our Lord is! All this stuff we are getting from him for free and it will be such a HUGE help!

OK, gotta get to homework and leave for work. Happy Friday!


Becca said...

Well hopefully she'll start going head down soon! how far along are you now?

Becca said...

oops....i mean he or she!

Hettie Brewner said...

I am 26 weeks, so 6 months on the 14th of this month!

I think baby's all over the place in belly. :O)

So you must think it's a girl!!!

Hettie Brewner said...

We think boy! :O)

Becca said...

I think it was more so a slip of the tongue because i had a girl so i'm used to saying girl...i'd have to see a pic to make that call :) so where are those maternity pics!? :)

Hettie Brewner said...

We picked our top 50 and sent them off to my mama for photoshopping so after she sends them back, I will post them. We procrastinated a bit b/c we had nearly 600 to sort through and weed down to 50! Even strangers say boy, so we will see. :O)