Saturday, February 7, 2009

Probably just a case of the gassies!

I guess I had a bit of a scare yesterday. I was at work when I started getting really bad tummy pains, like to the point where I could barely stand and leaning over made it even worse. They were not down low. It hurt so bad. I tried to stick it out, thinking it would pass, but it kept getting worse and I felt like I may vomit and/or pass out. So, I tell Leigh Ann and she asks if I'm having contractions and I'm like I don't think so, I dunno! Well, out of the 7 girls working yesterday, only 1 has had kids, so I was going to ask her, but I was pretty positive that contractions are down low, not way up high. I did Google it. :O) However, since Leigh Ann was worried about baby, I started to really worry. At first I was not because I thought it was just some weird thing going on. I ended up going outside and calling Sean from my cell phone because I knew I would start crying, which I did. I worried him and he said call the doctor. I called and the nurse said baby was probably sitting on a nerve, to go home, take a bath and some Tylenol. I felt so bad leaving Leigh Ann and everyone else at work (it was super busy), but they were very understanding and concerned. So I left at 3 o'clock and did as doctor ordered. I felt so much better after the bath and Tylenol, but I have to say I was also very gassy when I got home, so I am more thinking that is what it was. ;/

Thankfully through the whole thing baby did not seem to mind and was busy as ever moving around in my belly. And to top it off I have a cold!

I am just glad baby is fine!!!! We started to get super scared and I came to realize that this is the first scare we have had all pregnancy; the rest has been so normal, smooth and wonderful. WOW, it was no fun! I think I have learned through all this to relax some more, listen to my body, take care of baby even more than I do and not worry and stress about what I need to get done, money, school, work, and everything else under the sun!


Becca said...

I had that exact same thing happen to me like 3 times. One time i was doubled over in pain for over an hour and nearly went to the ER....glad all is well though.

Hettie Brewner said...

Yah, it hurt pretty badly. But yes, much better. Thanks!