Thursday, June 4, 2009

God is here with me this morning

So, on Monday I finally got a manicure/pedicure. It is odd and definitely a new thing to have to think about how I have a baby now and I can't just go get my nails done. I guess everything is like that now. Takes more planning, preparation and definitely more time in the morning to get ready! Sean met me after work at the nail saloon and watched Ryan while I got pampered. I decided to take my acrylics off and just go natural. The upkeep is too much and they scratch Ryan. So I just got mine painted and cut short. I finally finished all the thank you cards, too! Woo hoo!

Tuesday was our photo shoot. I have a friend from high school who is a professional photographer and has her own studio. She did the pics for us. She mainly does weddings and engagement, but does baby, too. She gave us an awesome deal! We met her at Crystal Beach. Ryan had been fussy all day so I was a little nervous, but we met her around 7:30 and he was fussy at first, but then he did really well. I think she got some really good pics of him and us with him. I can't wait to see them. She will be done editing them in about 3 weeks. Can I wait that long?????? Tuesday I also filled all the goodie bags for work. We dropped them off yesterday and they got to see the Mister again. :)

Yesterday I had my 6 week postpartum checkup, even though yesterday was only really 5 weeks, but I guess it didn't matter too much. Everything is good and I am back to "normal". I am off restrictions and allowed to lift things heavier than baby, exercise again and most importantly Sean and I can, well, you know, again. We haven't since our anniversary weekend in St. Marys in February, but hey who's keeping track!? I had felt pretty uncomfortable about it the whole time I was pregnant, but we still did on the rare occasion, but of course once the bleeding started we weren't allowed to anymore. We also discussed birth control at the doctor visit. My midwife thinks it a bad idea to not get back on anything and certainly doesn't feel that the old breastfeeding thing is a reliable method of birth control. She says a year between each pregnancy is recommended so that my body has time to heal and so that we can enjoy the baby we already have. Well, Sean and I don't exactly feel that way. We feel that God's gift to us is children and that he wants us to multiply. We had decided not to get back on any BC, but with the complications that I had, now we are a little hesitant. The placenta test results came back normal, so that's good. I did not have previa nor did I have an abruption. They still don't know what caused the bleeding and why there was blood and clots in between the outside of my uterus and the pelvic wall where there is a space that would normally be filled with nothing. Donna is going to talk to Dr. Paolillo and the specialists down at Bayfront to see if we can come up with any other answers or do any other testing. Because of this, Sean feels that God is telling him we should go back on BC until they get back to us with either an answer or with no reason at all as to why I was bleeding. He feels it is best for my health and the health of a future baby. Plus since we got prego on our first try, he thinks the same could happen again. I understand where he is coming from and agree and disagree with him. I think God has been telling me not to use BC and that he will take care of us. There is also the question of health insurance right now b/c my coverage ends July 1st. Sean thinks we need to be a little more responsible. So, we decided to get condoms (I got a prescription for the pill, but don't want to take the pill ever again). Too much info probably, but I thought it funny that Sam's Club has economy sized condom boxes! I really do not like condoms though and neither does Sean. He asked if I would get an IUD and I said no way! Our first time last night was interesting and I won't go into detail (as I am sure I have said plenty already and my mom is a loyal reader, but we have a weird relationship so hey it's OK, but I am hoping my MIL doesn't read this or any other person that would make it a little uncomfy and weird for me and them). So off track, Ryan was fussy in his giraffe chair, which made for me or Sean getting up every few minutes to soothe him in the middle of trying to have an intimate moment with my husband. Not how I pictured our first time back at it, not too romantic, but I hear kids make adults learn to be more creative!

Any way, so this morning I stumbled upon a reading about how God wants us to have children. Why would we want to bring children into a world like ours is the question and it goes on to say God commands us to be fruitful and increase in number (Gen 1:28). "No other act in all of our human experience indetifies us more closely with the creative power of God than conceiving and bearing children". Children are gifts from God and a blessing to us (Pslam 127:3). So, I feel that God was really speaking to me with this, esepcially since I just stumbled upon it this morning. I feel he was saying not to get back on BC and also to follow my dreams of becoming a nurse and working with pregnancies and babies and also to be at home with Ryan. All questions we have been faced with lately. I know Sean and I will need to talk and pray a lot more.

It's also funny b/c Sean wants to go back to school in the fall, but is nervous about working and going to school full-time, scared to fail, etc., but there was an article in the paper today about the GI Bill and help for vets, etc., and it was something I saw right after I saw the Bible reading. God is totally speaking to me this morning! Sean has been wanting to go back to school, but had wanted to wait for the new GI benefits, which are effective in Aug. I told him if he wants to do it, he should just do it now instead of waiting because it will only get harder, especially if we have more kids, and that he will probably always have a full-time job, so either way he would probably have to do the full-time school and work thing no matter how long he waits. I told him I will help as much as possible. It's awesome, too, because they pay for tuition, books and housing. Housing for our area with 2 dependents is $1500 a month that we would receive and our mortgage with HOA fees is only $1200! How nice would that be? Our mortgage would be paid for and we would have a couple of extra hundred bucks a month!

OK, enough blogging. Off to eat breakfast, finish my coffee and watch Army Wives. I'm so obsessed!


Becca said...

ck doing the deed with a baby is always interesting. I hated getting interrupted all the time so we made a rule that it only happens afer 8pm, when Kenzie is asleep, LOL. Once you guys get into a routine though it'll get better and easier. Hopefully you two can come to an agreement with the BC thing too. We'll just follow my cycle and be as careful as possible with everything. Since i had a natural birth i don't have quite the same concerns as far a recovery time but i know that 1 year is still suggested for everybody in general. Well...we hope for the best and know that it's all in God's hands either way. :)

Hettie Brewner said...

We did come to an agreement. Sean prayed a lot more and God revealed to him no BC, so we used exactly 1 condom out of the super sized Sam's Club box of condoms. I guess we can't return them, ha! :) I will try to kind of keep track of my cycles, but I haven't had a period yet and supposedly shouldn't as long as I BF.