Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Times

This is going to be a quick post because I have to get in the shower. I am meeting Adrienne soon for a play date and Ryan's swing batteries died so I am just buying time and manually swinging him as I type! :) He is going to notice soon, I'm sure!

Friday was the usual - cleaning and Capogna's with the family.

Saturday Sean and I (and Ryan of course) were lazy around the house most of the day. When we did finally get motivated, we went to downtown Dunedin. There was an arts and crafts festival. We ran into some old friends from high school. Also, even more exciting, there was a booth with handmade clay jewelry pieces with names carved in them. The boxes were alphabetized and you could search for your name. He (the artist) had really odd names so we figured, hey he could actually have my name and guess what HE DID! Sean found it within 5 seconds. I was so excited and I know that sounds really silly, but my name is so uncommon and I have never seen it on anything and ya know growing up it is always fun to find your name on key chains and little souvenirs. So we got my name, Sean's and Ryan's. Then we sat by the water and had a drink and rented Bedtime Stories, which was really cute.

Yesterday was church of course. It was a little hard to concentrate on the message because I was nursing in the way back corner of the sanctuary and then Ryan had to be changed so we left and did that in the nursery and then I had to pee twice, so you get the picture. We got bits and pieces of it.

We met Kari down at Sand Key Beach yesterday afternoon, cooked chicken on the grill at home last night and went for a long walk.

Ryan got a really nice toy box from my aunt and uncle.

Ryan is 2 months old today! Oh yah, Saturday he rolled over from tummy to back. I didn't see it, but Sean got to! How exciting. It is so funny how things like this are so thrilling to parents when it is your own child. I remember when people would tell me you know "Little Johnny put his fingers in his mouth for the first time" and I would be like oh hooray all sarcastic. Now I get it!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday!?

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