Friday, June 26, 2009

Shame, Shame, Shame

Sean really enjoyed his birthday. I surprised him and brought Starbucks to him at work. Then I came home and baked him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and confetti. We went to Arigato's with the family for dinner. I gave him 3 shirts. I know he is never too thrilled about getting clothes (he really wanted a helicopter), but he needed some new stuff. I have to keep my man looking good! :) It was for me really, not him!

Wednesday was his day off. He worked on Dad's house for a little bit, while Ryan and I went grocery shopping. I had my WORST mommy moment yet. You see, Ryan was screaming in Publix and multiple atttepts at pacifying the wailing did not work, so I snatched him out of his carseat and struggled with carrying him and guiding our grocery cart with Allie's 40 pound bag of dog food around the store. So as we are chcking out, I place Ryan back in his seat so I can write a check. Meanwhile, the bagger is trying to put his paci in his mouth and I am getting irritated because I am sure his hands are germ ridden and he is going to give my son swine flu. The bagger helps us with getting the groceries into my trunk, I not so gracefully get Ryan into the car (those seats are heavy and awkward and it is almost impossible to be gentle with them!) and we head home with a pit stop to Dad's so I can give Sean a slice of cake to give to the Asian neighbors. They used to bring us random things when we lived with Dad. This day they brought over a frozen fish, 2 Fanta oranges and a bottle of soy milk. We had to repay them with something so I got them a slice of chocolate cake. Any way, then we get back to the house. I bring Ryan inside and start to get him out of his seat when lo and behold I notice he was NOT strapped in that whole time. I felt like I should be arrested and my son taken away from me for doing such a careless thing and risking his life like that. I praised God for keeping him safe, hugged and kissed him all over and apologized for being so horrible. Lesson learned.

We made homemade lasagna for our Pastor and his wife and then went to school so Sean could get more stuff done for enrolling. He is in the process of getting his transcripts from high school and 2 colleges he attended sent to SPC and filling out more VA paperwork.

We had youth group for the high schoolers that evening.

Ryan was weighed and measure yesterday at an appointment we had to go to. He is 11 lb 8 oz now and 25 inches long!!!!! Yes, 25 inches!!!! In one of my baby books it says a child is not 25 inches until he is 5 months old and Ryan is 8 weeks! They said he is REALLY tall, so tall that the weight/height ratio is really off and while they do not think he is actually underweight because he looks healthy and has plenty of wet and poopy diapers and eats enough times a day, they said I should try to nurse him even more because he is underweight. Maybe we have a future baller! I was weighed and measured and my iron level was taken and everything checked out good. Well, I don't really like where my weight is at, but my pants fit again, so that's good. I just need to tighten these flabs....I mean abs.

Last night, we took the homemade lasagna and salad over to Pastor Trail's and Faithlyn's and ate dinner with them. She is doing better. She has to be laid up for 3 months while her heel heals and then it takes a year to completely get back to normal. We enjoyed our evening with them.

This morning we have gotten a lot of rain and I have been enjoying that. The Today Show dedicated the whole morning to Michael Jackson's passing. Friday is cleaning day for me.

Enjoy the weekend!

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