Monday, June 1, 2009

Fabulous weekend

Wow, it has been a while since my last post. We have been having lots of fun around here and getting out and doing lots. It is so nice to once again be able to get out and about after 8 weeks of bed rest! We love taking Ryan places, too.

Friday, Ryan and I had our first play date. We went over to my friend Angele's house with 2 other moms and their kids. Angele has 2, Lenore has 1 and the other girl has 2. All were older than Ryan, well one was 4 months, and Ryan of course wasn't really playing, but it was a good mommy get together and the other kids had a lot of fun. Ryan was very good. That was my first outing with just me and him. Angele's house is ginormous and beautiful. After that, we stopped by Daddy's work to say hi. Friday night we went out to dinner with my family to Capogna's. Ryan's first time there! Our family has been going there since my dad was little! We had a little scare. Ryan was propped up on an upside down high chair in his car seat and I guess it was a little unstable at first and it almost fell. Scared me so bad!

Saturday we went by my work to get goodie bag supplies. I am stuffing 500 goodie bags for the clinic. In exchange, Dr. Supow is going to keep me on insurance until July 1st instead of June 1st. That's a real good thing since me and the Mister both have appointments this month. Hopefully by the next month he will be on another insurance and maybe me, too. We went to Dad's and Sean helped on the house a little more. Then it was off to the Rays game with Sean, Ryan and Dad. Ryan was excellent. He got a little fussy on the way there and we were stuck in bad traffic, but he didn't cry for too long. Once we parked, I changed him and nursed him and then we were off to the stadium. We used his Baby Bjorn carrier and he LOVED it. He slept almost the whole baseball game. He had his first bottle (with my milk) and Daddy got to feed him for the first time. He took the bottle right away and Sean was so happy to be able to finally feed him. I also breast fed in my seat, which was a first time in public thing for me. We were the highest seats in the whole stadium so we had some privacy and it was after the game so there weren't a whole lot of people around. The Rays won! After, 3 Doors Down performed for free. I had seen them once before. They rock! Our wedding song is Here Without You. They are just about playing good music and not being all showy. The sound system there was not too great, unless you were actually on the field by the stage, but it was the sound system and venue, not the band. Ryan was awake all of the concert and he was moving his little arms and legs all around dancing!

Yesterday we went to church. We used the baby Bjorn again and he slept through the whole service. We relaxed a bit after that around here, well fought over our June budget really, and then we went down to St. Pete to Taste of Pinellas at Vinoy Park. They had a bunch of restaurant vendors set up, you buy tickets and then use those to buy food and drink. It was tasty! The park is right on the water. There were a ton of people there and live music. KC and the Sunshine band was playing. Old school! Ryan was dancing for that,too. Our son loves music. He did really well again! We came home and made smoothies and watched Army Wives. We just got the first season off Amazon (I had free money through work) and we love it! We are already obsessed.

We also went to Babies R Us and got Ryan a sleep positioner, hoping it may help him to sleep in his bassinet, although the other day when I started to complain about him sleeping with us, he slept almost the whole night in his bassinet. Then I missed him and wanted him back in bed with me to cuddle, but I didn't disturb him. Well, the nights since then he has been back in bed with us. We try to put him in his bassinet after he is already asleep, but he starts flailing around, which makes him fussy and wakes him up. Plus I know he loves the comfort of being next to me, hearing me breathe and my heartbeat. I don't know if the sleep positioner will help or not. we tried it last night, but he was still flailing (me and Sean watched him and were cracking up - mean mommy and daddy!) around like a fish out of water. He also makes really weird noises when he is in his bassinet and it sometimes sounds to paranoid me like he is having a hard time breathing and is choking, so actually we all sleep better when he is with us. I stay awake listening to him and watching him, getting up and down turning the lights on and off when he sounds weird in his bassinet. Any way, we also got a wee cover that says tinkle little star on it! I accidentally ran into a display and that happened to fall on the ground. It's like it almost jumped into our cart, so I had to get it. He still pees on his head, so hopefully this solves that problem. I got breast pads. I am gonna try the washable ones instead of the disposable ones. Hopefully they work because it will save money and it is better for the environment. :)

Now it's Monday and Sean is back at work (we miss him!) and me and Ryan are enjoying our morning. Time for me to take a shower and hey it's before noon! woo-hoo!


Becca said...

Have you guys tried swaddling Ryan in one of those kiddopotamus thingy's? Kenzie liked them and the velcro helps. I thought you had mentioned using them before.

I never had any luck with the washable breast pads but maybe you will. Leaking is never fun either way!

Yay for good experiences with baby outings. Kenzie has been really good recently for us too. hurray!

Hettie Brewner said...

we have not, but I have seen them at BRU. Maybe we could try it. He is too strong for our regular swaddling blankets now. He kicks right out of them.

The washable breast pads stink! I probably can't return them either, since I have already leaked all over them! Oh well, I tried. Leaking is no fun!

Everyone keeps saying how brave we are to take him all these places. I think it is fun and not really all that courageous.

Becca said...

Yeah if you are going to swaadle for a while, which we did....then get the swaddling blankets by kiddpotamus. They are the best! Just we discussed is a given though :)
Washable pads...told ya! LOL they are a waste of time. LOL Like i said...i used the disposable ones attached to the cotton ones for backup the entire time i breast fed.
Taking baby out places is so 'taboo' these days when they are young but i think it only gets harder. When they are tiny they sleep so much, now Kenzie is awake most of the time so it's harder now than ever before!!

Hettie Brewner said...

We will have to check out the kiddopotamus ones then. Thanks!

Yah, the washable BP's will be for double coverage. I found a cheaper way to have leakage protection. Get a heavy duty maxi pad and cut it in half, use the sticky parts and attach to bra. Sounds silly and maybe a little embarrassing, but it works so well and an economy size thing of pads at Sam's is more cost effective than breast pads at BRU.

Yes, Ryan is awake a lot more now and definitely fiussier so it's a little harder, but we will still take him any way and just deal with the fact that he may fuss.