Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Go-Getter Family

Sean and I went up to SPC (school) and started getting him enrolled into classes on Wednesday. He has been nervous and stressed about it, but after leaving there he felt much better. He thought it would be a nightmare trying to get enrolled under the GI bill. but the counselor eased his mind. So, as of yesterday he is officially a student there with his own ID number! Yay for him! Today he started filling out all the GI paperwork. I am already so proud of him. He thinks it will be hard working full-time and doing school full-time (which I am sure it will be), but he really wants his degree and it is better to do it now. He will probably always be working full-time and best do it now while we are younger and have just one small child. I will be there to help him along the way and support him.

Ryan and I both have insurance now so that's a huge relief.

Sean and I and Ryan (of course) decided to go to our church's youth group on Wednesday night to see if it is something we want to start doing all the time. Our friends Justin and Autumn also do it. We really enjoyed our time and have decided to start volunteering there and spending our time with them (high school kids) instead of working in the nursery. I was feeling burnt out with the nursery and feeling like I needed a change. Half the time there weren't any babies to watch so I felt a bit useless even being in there. Most parents (including us) bring the real little ones into service. We are really excited to work with the youth group. It's every Wednesday night. We have some real troubled kids that are exposed to drugs and alcohol and that sort of stuff.

Thursday I met two of my friends and their babies at the mall and we just strolled our babies up and down the halls and chit chatted (about our kids) and got Starbucks (yep, again!). We must have walked the mall upstairs and downstairs five times each. It was a good time just getting out with other mommies. My conversation with anyone these days is all about babies and I started to wonder what the heck I talked about pre-Ryan!

I went into the bathroom at the mall, waiting for the handicapped stall to open up because I had the stroller. The lady occupying the stall was in there for 15+ minutes and she wasn't even going to the bathroom. I waited so long I had to take Ryan to my friends so I could come back and use a regular stall and she was still in there after I was done and leaving! Some lady offered to watch Ryan while I peed, and I was like "thanks for the offer, but uh no thanks". Yah, I'm gonna leave my child with a stranger. I don't think so! I know (well, think) she was just trying to be nice. Another lady totally didn't even speak or look at me, but stuck her head in the stroller an inch from my son's face for about 10 seconds and then walked away. I tell you, I thought people were weird with the growing belly, they are even stranger with a new baby!

Yesterday the Healthy Families lady came over, I cleaned the house and we went to Capogna's with the family.

Here is a video of Allie trying (and succeeding) to catch a fly in the house. It was quite comical!

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