Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lotsa News

I'm blogging with Ryan in his Baby Bjorn. He loves it! Me and Sean, Ryan and Allie are over at Dad's. Sean is off today and him and Dad are working on Dad's house putting in more hardwood flooring.

So, let's see. Sunday we went to church and ran some errands. Sam's has this thing called click and pull, where you can order online and then go pick everything up. So Saturday we placed an order and went by there on Sunday to get it, thinking this will be such a time saver for us and will allow us to spend more family time together doing other things besides combing the aisles at the warehouse. Any way, our order was not there and so we left with nothing. On Monday, Sean called the manager and they were very apologetic and had it ready for us quickly and gave us a $10 gift card. It was irritating because our efforts of saving time ended in a 3 day thing of trying to get our groceries, but we will try it again. Any way, so we went to Wal-Mart market, got Papa John's and then went to International Mall in Tampa and walked around. I love that mall! Ryan slept the whole time.

Monday was a big errand day for mommy and son. I got Sean's watch fixed, went to Staples, Sam's to pick up our food and Target to buy some stuff and walk around and get Starbucks. Opps, I got Starbucks like 3 times last week. Ugg, their coffee is so tasty, expensive, delicious and addictive! Ryan was great again and slept the whole time. Again, it is hard to be out with baby. I know it is just something I need to get used to, but it takes a lot of extra thought and preparation. Parking close to the card corral helps a lot. :) Even going to the bathroom can be quite interesting with a baby in tow when I am alone and there isn't a family restroom available. Don't get me wrong, I love my new life, but it sure is different and takes twice as long to get things done, if they get done at all! :) Monday night, Dad watched Ryan for a bit and Sean and I went running with Allie. Can you say OUCH!? I am still in pain and that was Monday! It felt really good to workout and sweat and be winded, but I am paying for it now. We decided to get back into our more vigorous workouts since I am off restrictions now and want to get rid of my flabby belly and Sean's sympathy flab (ha!), but it will obviously take a while to build my stamina back up again.

Ryan hates baths so we decided to get in the jacuzzi tub with him in our bathroom, thinking it would make him feel a little better. Nope! He still screamed and peed on me. I guess boys like to be stinky! We only bathe him like every 4 days because he still has really dry skin (in humid Florida I don't know how it's possible) and he just doesn't like being clean!

We got our preview back from our photo shoot. I love them!!!! I can't wait to get the rest of them. Here is the link. It's going to be hard to pick one picture for our announcements. Yep, announcements are coming super late, but I had to wait for our shoot to be done first and the day we went was the first available date Rebecca had, but she was definitely worth the wait.

So Sean prayed lots more and God revealed to him that we should not be on birth control, so now we have a HUGE economy sized box of condoms that we won't be using. I guess we can't return them! Ha!

My midwife called yesterday. Dr. Paolillo (my OB) talked to my specialist down at Bayfront and she said she did not have any recommendations for me. She did not need to do any consults. She said what happened was probably a fluke. There is no explanation for it. They said of course if we went to another doctor with another pregnancy to let them know what happened, but that's about it. I can still use my midwife and OB if we get prego again, they would not have me on any restrictions from the get go as long as the pregnancy went smoothly and I would probably just have to have more ultrasounds (like before!), which is fine by me!

I was supposed to start work this coming Monday, but I called my office manager and asked if I could be taken off the schedule for June and maybe put back on starting in July. She was fine with it. They are pretty covered for summer any way because Leigh Ann is not in school this summer and can work more. So, I am at home with Ryan at least until the end of June. YAY! I just wasn't ready.

We got good news yesterday. We were able to get free insurance for Ryan and he can still go to his pediatrician that we like.

Last night I had to take a break from running (yes already) because of being so sore and having shin splints so we went for a walk and we went and got Sean a new keg, which he was pretty excited about! :)

Ryan is starting to smile lots. He did it for Sean lots yesterday, every time Sean would kiss his head, Ryan would get so happy and smile. It was really cute. He has smiled for me, too, when I kiss him and talk to him and say "I love you Ryan". It's the best!

Time to go. I'm hungry and the laptop is low on battery power and I didn't bring the plug. Oh, 2 more of my friends are prego. I have lost count now, but it must be like up to 10 or so pregnant girlfriends!

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