Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ryan's first people food

I actually like not blogging everyday, it was becoming a chore and not the mental release and enjoyment it used to be. Also, I just don't have time to blog, FB, emails, internet everyday like I used to now that I have Ryan. Sounds crazy since I am at home, but the little peanut keeps me super busy. He is fussier these days, too, and can be quite needy with wanting to be held a lot, but he really is a good baby still, just uses his vocal cords more to express to us how he is feeling! Sometimes it can be aggravating if I am in the middle of doing something and he starts to cry (I guess it's in my selfish nature), but after I pick him up and he calms immediately, it is the best feeling to know that mommy can soothe him and make him feel all better. Granted, that does not happen every time and sometimes nothing soothes him, well, except the breast! That ALWAYS works, but I don't use it just to get him to quiet down, although tempted at times.

I finally got down to Pinellas Park and returned the cat bones and sold two of my books and made $66!! Ryan started screaming in the car on the way there and back and unfortunately there was nothing I could do about it since I was driving and it was quite the road trip, but both times he calmed down after a few minutes and passed out. Let me just say how hard it is toting around the car seat carrier with him in it. I am going to have super buff biceps soon! It is so heavy and awkward. For a split second, I thought, I can just leave him in the car for a minute or leave him with the lady in the bookstore for a minute and I will be right back, but as soon as I thought it I also mentally kicked myself for thinking such bad thoughts! man o man, it is heavy though. Maybe I am just super weak after all the bed rest.

Friday I cleaned house all day. Ryan made it very difficult b/c he was fussy and most of the time I had him in the sling, which is quite the workout. He LOVES the sling. As I am putting him in it, he hates it, but once he is in and I start to walk, he is instantly soothed and usually fast asleep. It's great! We met the family at Capogna's for dinner.

Yesterday, Sean worked until about 1:30. Adrienne came over and we had a girls day, just hanging out here and chatting. Sean and I had a ton of errands to run, but instead we relaxed around here, did laundry and just hung out. We went to Dunedin Brewery last night for dinner and the apricot beer I have been craving for the last 10 months! It was delicious. I caught Sean doing something bad! We go to check the mail and I notice Ryan has peanut butter on his lips! I asked Sean about it and he said "I just gave him a tiny bit and you should have seen him licking and smacking, it was cute." I had made ants on a log for me and Sean (NOT RYAN). I said "Don't feed him people food again, sheesh, he is 5 weeks old!" Dads will be Dads!

We finished the first season of Army Wives that we had purchased and found out on that we can watch the whole second season for free, so we started doing that last night. I just have to say it is the best show ever! is awesome!

Time to get the family ready for church.


Becca said...

YIKES! Peanut butter of all things huh? LOL that's like the one food that they are supposed to wait until thay are like 2 yrs old to have!? LOL But all's's are dad's.

It's hard to get used to not being able to just 'hop' out of the car at a gas station or something huh?

Hettie Brewner said...

I know PB! Well, I guess he does not have a food allergy to it! Not to mention all the PB he gets through my breast milk and when he was in my belly. I heart PB and eat it almost daily!

It is definitely life changing, but in a good way!