Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My husband's first Father's Day

Today is Sean's birthday!!! He is 29!!!!! Old man!!! Last year before turning the big 3-0. He is working now, but we will be doing stuff for him this evening. More on that later.

We just got a huge box delivered to us from FedEx. I could barely bring it in the house. I wanna know what it is, but I will wait for Sean, mostly cuz it is just too big. I think it's our toy box b/c I saw on our registry that someone purchased it a couple of weeks ago. We STILL haven't gotten our slipcover or other car mirror. Oh well!

So Friday I cleaned the house and we went to Capogna's with the family, OF COURSE!

Saturday Sean had to work. We went to the movies after that and yes we were brave enough to take Ryan! I really didn't even think about it. I just figured it would be easy and he would be a good baby and I was right! We saw The Proposal. It is so cute! I recommend it. He slept almost the whole time and when he started to stir and look for "next meal" I snatched him up out of his car seat and nursed him while we watched the rest of the movie. I am certainly not as timid about feeding him anymore. It is a dark movie theater, but a month ago I probably wouldn't have even done that.

Sunday was a HUGE day! Ryan was dedicated at our church along with about 3 or 4 other babies. My dad, grandparents, aunt and cousin came and we were thrilled about that. They have never been to our church (well, my aunt once, but not with us and when it was a different church). We had a guest Pastor that day, which was a little disappointing because I wanted our family to hear our Pastor, but I guess that is not what God had planned for us. Grandma said, "Wow they clap a lot and are loud", meaning our congregation. We are a lively bunch. My family was certainly not used to our church. They have always gone to a much more traditional church. Any way, I hope they enjoyed it, but more importantly I was happy they were there to support us as we dedicate ourselves as parents to raise Ryan in a Christian home, teaching him about God, being examples of God's children and helping him along his journey of knowing and loving the Lord. Everyone there also has the responsibility of helping us with Ryan. It was really quite amazing and special. They posted a picture of him on the big screen and Pastor Trail had such sweet things to say. He talked about how Ryan is a little miracle baby and the difficulties we went through with a tough pregnancy, the bed rest and the hospital (it was hard to maintain composure, I really wanted to cry!). He also said how Sean is such an amazing husband and makes the rest of them look bad, but he is an example of a wonderful husband and father. He then asked what was unique about Ryan and Daddy said "He is already a baseball fan, skater, concertgoer, moviegoer", etc. cuz of all the places we have taken him already. He is the man around town! After that, other church members came to congratulate us and give us hugs, kisses and support. Becca, I am so excited that you guys get to do this with Kenzie and just know we are here to support you and Joel with your little one's walk with Christ and you guys as examples of Jesus. Dad gave us one of those bears that has the sounds of the womb for Ryan. I guess I had one when I was little. We turned it on and Ryan grinned from ear to ear like "I have been looking for that place, take me back!" We attached it to the bassinet and put it on to help him sleep at night. I have to say it puts me and Sean to sleep, too. I guess you're never too old to be soothed by womb sounds!!! HA! Grandparents gave him a teddy bear, too, and one of our friends from church gave him outfits, a hat and a toy. Oh, before church, we made homemade banana bread (yums!) and gave Sean his Dad's day gift. Sounds weird, but he was super excited.......I renewed his tags, which has to be done on his birthday, but I got him a USMC license plate. He was thrilled. He has wanted one for 3 years now.

Any way, after church we took Sean to the FL Aquarium. It was free for Dads and of course Ryan was free so we only had to pay for me, not a bad deal. We had never been before and enjoyed it. We took pics, I will post later. Ryan slept in his Bjorn the whole time. After the aquarium we went to my uncle and aunt's for a cookout with the rest of the family. They live right on the water and it is just gorgeous to be there and they have a lovely house. Ryan started out good, but ended up being very fussy. He had, had a BIG day though.

Yesterday Faithlyn (our Pastor's wife) had surgery because she broke her heel so after Sean got off work we drove all the way down to Pasadena to bring them and their kids dinner and to visit. She was in a lot of pain and a little out of it from the pain meds. She hopefully will be going home today. We prayed about whether we should bring Ryan in the hospital because of his age and not being vaccinated, but God said it was OK. We still made it a very quick visit and I was nervous and the nurses gave us "the look" like "why are you bringing a baby in here?"

Well, I have a lot to do today to get ready for Sean's big day. He has had 2 days just for him within the last 3 days. Lucky! He deserves it though and he said he has always dreamed of being a father, one of the only things he was certain of in his life and he had always looked forward to being able to celebrate Father's Day and I hope we made it extra special for him. :)


Becca said...

Aww yay. I'm so looking forward to the dedication next Sunday!

Happy Birthday to SEAN!!!

Hettie Brewner said...

I will tell him!

It will be very special, I'm sure!