Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ATL Reunion Time

I had a reunion weekend. Saturday we traveled down to Treasure Island to see my friend Scoty. We were friends in Atlanta. I hadn't seen or talked to him in about 6 years! He was here for his Dad's 80th birthday, so we went to the party at his Dad's house right on the water. Scoty had a rare form of stomach cancer and had to have about 1/3 of his stomach removed a few months ago. He is doing well and cancer free now.

After that, we met my friend Emily and her boyfriend and daughter at Frenchy's on Clearwater Beach. She is a friend from Atlanta, as well. We have known each other since 6th grade and have been through a lot together. My mom and I even lived with her and her mom for a while when we were in middle school. I had not seen or talked to her in about 6 years either.

It was great to see both of them and spend time with them!

Sunday after church we went down to Clearwater Beach again to meet Emily and her man and we had a drink and some food at Sandpearl. We got to try Ryan's little enclosed play yard thing and he liked it. :)

We got our box from church that someone had made for us while we were in the hospital. It is really sweet. It has a picture of me and Sean and then prayers all over it and baby stuff and it says "Pray for Baby Brewner". There is a little slit cut out of the top to drop prayers into it. It is very special and we are going to save it so we can show him all the love, support and prayers he got when he was in mama's belly.

This morning he started to react when I tickled his belly. He squirmed around and smiled lots. It was too cute! He is able to hold his head up for a bit now. He is getting to be so strong and such a big boy!

Yesterday we went to Target to get Father's Day gifts for Sean, my Dad and my FIL and a birthday gift for Sean. Then we went to Publix and the mall. Ryan was a little fussy, but overall did pretty well. I rented a steam cleaner from Publix and Sean cleaned our carpets last night. They look so much better now. You should have seen the dirty water he had to change three times from all the yuck on our floors. We don't allow shoes in the house either! Well, that rule kinda disappeared with all the visitors I had while on bed rest, but it definitely is in effect again now that our carpets are clean.

We got a Precious Planet high chair from Sean's parents for Sean's birthday (but obviously the high chair is for Ryan) and a blanket that matches his Bunny Meadow stuff. We are still getting packages in the mail and gifts from people at church and so many clothes! It's amazing and we feel extremely grateful and blessed. A friend from church has a daughter in Texas that sent us boxes of stuff for Ryan this past weekend. It was fun to go through and it is a lot! This little boy has a way better wardrobe than his mama!

We ended the night with The Bachelorette and sleeping on the couch most of the night while Ryan was in his swing.

I'm finishing up breakfast and must get in the shower.


Becca said...

ugh so you watch Bachelorette huh? I anm totally addicted to it. So I can talk to you about it now! LOL

We get clothes all the time from MIL and aunts and stuff and it's crazy. I do laundry for her half of the time just to wash the new stuff! She has WAY more clothes than me but thats ok. As long as she looks cute! :)

Hettie Brewner said...

Yep, luv Bachelorette and Bachelor. My favorite part is seeing all the dates and where they go. Kinda dunno what to do on Monday night because I also wanna watch Jon and Kate Plus 8. Supposedly they have a big announcement!

I love going through his clothes! And I love to dress him cute cuz ya know in the future he won't care probably. I am a little scared of the phase when kids dress themselves and look, well, like they dressed themselves. I am sure it will be funny though.