Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Long Night

I am sitting in our lovely hotel room in Mt. Dora, Florida. I said I wasn't going to bring the lap top, but I just couldn't resist. Daddy and son are taking a bath right now. I am finishing up our complimentary continental breakfast. I am a little tired. We were up late last night.

So, getting ahead of myself. Wednesday we went up to school so Sean could turn all his transcripts in. Next step, taking placement exams. He has started studying already. He has to take writing and math. We went to our friends house, Justin and Autumn, for dinner with the rest of the youth group leaders. It was for fellowship and to talk about the youth group. We are thinking of going on a mission trip with some of the kids to South Africa, Hawaii or maybe somewhere else. We would go next year. I am super excited.

Yesterday we left after Sean got off work for Mount Dora. We are here for vacation (or shall I say stay-cation!) and to celebrate our birthdays. It is Ryan's first trip. I am not going to lie, the trip up here was pretty much awful. He was screaming at first and then took a short nap. Then he woke up and really started screaming. We were of course stuck in traffic on the highway and there wasn't an exit in sight. We tried to wait it out, but he would not stop screaming and it was killing Sean and I, so we pulled off on the side of the road and I fed him. He was still not OK after that. We found an Arby's, got some food, changed him and held him/walked him for a bit. Got back in the car and he was screaming again. This lasted until he cried himself out and then he finally slept until we got here. The 2 1/2 drive turned (seemed) into a lot longer. Poor guy. I felt so helpless because there was nothing we could do to help him. It was horrible.

Any way, we didn't get here until about 9:30 or so. We got settled in and then walked next door to Frogger's. We had a couple of drinks and then came back. Our plan was to put Ryan to swing (ha) and then have some mommy/daddy alone time, but Ry had completely different plans. He cried a long time. Finally, we got him to sleep after one this morning. It was a long evening.

He has been all smiles this morning. Well, right now he is crying, but that's because Sean is Little Nosing him.

Our room overlooks a lake and there is a gazebo and a pool.

It looks pretty here from what I can see and so today we will be exploring the town and sightseeing.

OH! Sean got a raise! I am so proud of him. It will be an extra $400 a month. We are excited.

OK, time to go.

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