Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mount Dora

Well, we are home. Got back last night. The worst thing about vacation is coming home. I mean I love home, but the first day back to "reality" always kinda stinks! I am missing our family time together and I miss my hubby.

We had an awesome weekend. Saturday we walked around the downtown area, ate lots and shopped and went to the park, lighthouse, boardwalk and I think that's it. Sunday we went to a winery, wine tasting, more shopping and walking around downtown, more eating. Yesterday we went to lunch, on a trolley tour, bought Ryan his first swim trunks and sunglasses and then drove home. Yesterday was also my birthday. We went to Chili's last night for dinner and then came home and relaxed - forgetting about unpacking and instead enjoyed The Bachelorette and our last bits of being on vacation and relaxing together as a family. Sean got me season 2 of Army Wives!!!

Sean is back to work today and I have been unpacking and doing all those things that need to be done after coming back from vacation.

Oh - our trip home was much more successful! I sat in the back with Ryan and he barely cried at all. It was so much better than the way there!

Mount Dora was beautiful. There were lots of HILLS in FLORIDA!, a cute downtown area, lots of old historic homes and buildings, many lakes, very nice people and it was a very clean, small town place. We loved it. Sean complained because lots of things were closed because it is their slow season, but I didn't mind, although the train ride would have been fun if it has been open. We didn't get to go on the lake either because of the weather so our reservation was canceled, but I was OK with that, too. I had a lot of fun, as did Sean and Ryan.

I almost fell down the stairs leaving the hotel yesterday because they were hosing down A/C vents outside. I noticed and was trying to be careful, but still almost tumbled down the stairs. A little kid did fall and had a huge bump on his head. They didn't even have any caution signs up. Sean and I complained and suddenly caution signs appeared.

McDonald's is giving away free iced mochas on Mondays. They are tasty, but a tease so then we had to buy two!

I guess my kinda depressed self is going to do some cleaning before Diane comes over to help with Ryan.

I will post pictures from our trip later.


Hil said...

Hettie! Happy Belated Birthday! My apologies for not calling or texting you on Monday! My phone has been dead (left charger in FL) and our internet down at home so I have to resort to the internet at work. I am glad you got to spend your birthday with your boys and your trip sounds like it was a blast. Can't wait to see some pics if you all took some! Happy Birthday again baby girl!

Hettie Brewner said...

Hi Hil! Thanks sweetheart. No worries! I hope you had a great trip. I miss you! I will post pictures today (hopefully)! I had a great BD and time with my boys. :) Last year in my 20s. Eek! Love you!